The basic steps of the lost foam casting process are:

  • Pattern Molding — Bead Preexpansion and Conditioning, Tool Preheat, Pattern Molding, Pattern Aging
  • Pattern/Cluster Assembly 
  • Pattern Coating and Drying
  • Sand Fill and Compaction
  • Metal Casting and Cooling
  • Shakeout, Clean-up, and Finishing


The Submerged Arc Furnace is installed  to produce cast project is to produce cast iron in lumpy form / balls using reclaimed steel prills from induction furnace slag , Mill Scale which is a waste By-Product of Rolling Mills ,Cast Iron particles trapped in the Blast furnace skull, PCM fines , Sponge Iron fines (duly briquetted)



We can produce a verity of castings with different chemical compositions and sizes as per end use requirement including DI Castings / Steel Castings / Alloy Castings. We can produce various partsof pellet plants, cement plants, sponge iron plants, power plants, Sinter Plant, Automobile, Railway, Mining, Engineering items, pipes and fittings, Agriculture Equipment etc.
Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings

Earthstahl produces ductile iron pipe fittings in the range of DN 80 mm to DN 600 mm in accordance with IS 9523 for water and sewerage.

Ductile Iron Double Flanged Pipe

Ductile Iron Double Flange Pipe are manufactured by us as per IS 8329. We manufacture Ductile Iron Flanged Pipe Screwed/Welded.

Cast Iron Lumps
Other Products

Grate Bars

Crusher Hammers

Crawler Track Link & Shoes

Grate Bar Castings

Investment Casting

Foundry Grade Cast Iron



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